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Retiree Arthur Graybeal needs your prayers. + updates

A message from retiree Mike Ross:

Hey friends,

Say a prayer for our friend Arthur Graybeal. He will be
undergoing heart bypass surgery on Wednesday,
Dec 2nd, at app 10:00 AM. He is at the TexSan Heart
Hospital 6700 IH 10 W (on IH 10 at the old
Crossroads mall.)

Update :


Arthur's operation has been postponed until Thursday
morning at 8:00 AM. He has a total of 5 blockages.
The doctor stated there has NOT been any apparent
damage to the heart and expects a very successful
operation. The doctor stated that Arthur should be able
to "chip n putt" in 2 weeks and take a full swing in about
6 weeks.

He is in room 207a at the Texsan Heart Hospital and,
at present, is in very good spirits.

I'll keep everybody posted as I get it.



Arthur had 5 bypasses performed this morning. Veins were taken from his wrist, chest cavity, and leg. The surgeon told the family that everything went fine.

He also stated earlier that Arthur should be able to play golf again in

2 months. Everybody is upbeat ( as of this writing ) and looking

forward to full recovery.

Arthur is in room a207 at the TexSan Hospital on IH 10 near

Crossroads Mall. Visitation can begin Friday, Dec 4th.

I recommend Sat Dec 5th.

As a friend of the family, I thank you for your support and prayers.

Mike Ross


Arthur is comfortable and is doing well. Wife
requesting only two visitors at a time in the

Hospital has open visiting hours. (for you
southsiders that means you can go by
whenever you want) Ha-Ha ……

At this time, he will still be there on
Sat, 12-05. TexSan Hospital, 6700 IH 10W
(SB access rd) @ Gil Road

Armando Ynostrosa

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