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How to turn your skills into a Career pt1.

I have received some calls regarding my

previous post, (How to turn your skills into

a new Career) here is synopsis of some of

the questions I have answered:

I retired at 44 with 23 yrs and although that

retirement would have supported me alone

I chose to get married and start a family,

therefore I needed more money than the

average secondary local law enforcement

career could provide. It was scary at first

because I did not have real plan, I spent the

first year working low wage jobs to make

ends meet, but I also took advantage of that

time and learned that the job market has

some unique opportunities you can exploit

because of your past.

First and foremost modern job hunting is

about networking and selling yourself too

yourself. If you have family or friends that

can advise you and assist you, USE THEM.

Don’t be afraid to learn from other people or

your mistakes. I went to every job fair.

Weather it was related to the career I was

seeking or not, it is a great way to get to

know HR people and recruiters, they may

not be able to assist you there, but you can

bet they know someone who can, in business

it is all about referrals, which is all about


On your resume, your police career should

only be about a paragraph, in business it is

not about awards it is about socialization.

List every interest you have outside of career

and home, like church, coaching, volunteer

work and social networks.

You want too have some of the same interests

as the person interviewing you.

Don’t ever

stop interviewing. I used to go on interviews

while actively employed, the first question

they would ask is “Why do you want to leave

your current employer?” and I would answer,

“I don’t, but if there is a better opportunity

I don’t want to pass it up.” This shows you

have loyalty and ambition, unlike public service

you are rewarded for your ambition and don’t

have to step on people to prove it.

Dress for success, nobody hires a ROP

detective, but they will consider someone

who dresses in a nice suite and tie, is clean

cut and has respectful manners.

Never pay anyone to search for a job for you;

they are all scams, period! Recruiters get paid

by the company that hires you. If you pay for

anything have your resume professionally

done and always have two or three cover

letters with differing ambitions on them,

ready at any given time. Trust me; a

professionally done resume is worth its

weight in gold.

Buy the best clothes you can for your

interviews, the difference in the quality and

look in clothes is measurable and can separate

you from the average. I use Second Looks in

Alamo Heights (to purchase clothes), and

believe me the interviewers do not know the

clothes are used but they can tell the quality.

Success breeds success.

I hope some of this helps, if you have

anymore questions feel free to contact me at

anytime. Good luck.

Buy the way I’m using past tense in my post

because good fortune and business

connections have provided me the opportunity

to start my own business. For me, that was,

and is the ultimate goal of private enterprise.

Matt Jackson



1 comment:

  1. Great information for someone looking for a job...I've had a couple since leaving SAPD and I followed all of this info every time I had an interview...it is mostly common sense...look good and for Heaven's sake, take some mints!!! Good luck!
    David Matheson